Catholic Quiz | Which Pope Are You?

Which Pope do you relate to?

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 Sep 06, 2020
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Question: 1/18Choose one!

How important is it to you to have a tight knit family?
Somewhat important
Not very important
Very important

Question: 2/18Choose one!

How important is forgiveness to you?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not too important

Question: 3/18Choose one!

How important is it to you to be compassionate towards others?
Not very important
Very important
Somewhat important

Question: 4/18Choose one!

How important is it to you to pursue happiness?
Somewhat important
Very important
Not very important

Question: 5/18Choose one!

How many family members are you super close to?
All of them!
Most of them
1 or 2 of them

Question: 6/18Choose one!

How do you respond when your spouse says something harsh to you?
Say something harsh right back
Keep my mouth shut
Forgive them for it

Question: 7/18Choose one!

What do you do when you see a homeless person?
Wave and say "hello"
Offer them some change
Keep walking

Question: 8/18Choose one!

How do you feel about planning birthday celebrations for your kids or your friends?
I'll do it if I must
I love to do it!
I'd prefer not to

Question: 9/18Choose one!

Do you love spending quality time with your distant relatives?
Sometimes... it depends
Not really

Question: 10/18Choose one!

Do you hold grudges?

Question: 11/18Choose one!

If your friend is low on funds and asks for a loan, what is the first thing out of your mouth?
When will I get my money back?
Sorry, but no

Question: 12/18Choose one!

Which of these describes your general mood best?

Question: 13/18Choose one!

Do you plan family fun nights?

Question: 14/18Choose one!

Your sister just lied to you. How do you react?
Try to figure out why she felt the need the lie
Call her out
Hold it over her head

Question: 15/18Choose one!

Your coworker walks home every day but today it is raining. What do you do?
Tell her to be safe
Offer her a ride home
Nothing... not my business

Question: 16/18Choose one!

How would your friends describe you?

Question: 17/18Choose one!

Would you forgive someone who stole from you?
Yes, of course
No way
Maybe, maybe not

Question: 18/18Choose one!

What would you do if you saw a child being bullied at a public park?
I'd immediately intervene
I'd cut my eyes at the bully from afar
Nothing... not my business
QUIZ BLISS | Quiz Facts

Catholic Popes are a huge part of the faith because they carry the message to our ears in such majestic ways. Pope John XXIII said, "There has already been enough warfare among men! Too many youths in the flower of life shed their blood already! Legions of the dead, all fallen in battle, dwell within this earth of ours. Their stern voices urge us all to return at once to harmony, unity and just peace." Pope Paul VII said, "The church needs to reflect on herself. She needs to feel the throb of her own life. She must learn to know herself better if she wishes to live her own proper vocation and to offer to the world her message of brotherhood and of salvation." Pope Innocent IV said, "Put on holiness as your breastplate, and it will enable you to love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength, and your neighbor as yourself." Pope Clement XIII said, "Let us never be exhausted in a body or in spirit, for we are fellow workers with God. The Lord Jesus is with us always even to the end of time."

Are these words and quotations that you recognize? The Catholic Popes we have seen pass through history have held their positions for extended amounts of time for a reason! They are wise, they are intelligent, and the words of the Lord flow through them. They were called by God to be in the position they each held! Which Pope are you?