Quiz: How Many RN Words Do You Actually Know?

We've all had a "whambulence" come in, haven't we?

scrubs, nurse
 Aug 14, 2016
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Question: 1/10If you are "digging for worms", what are you doing?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
United Artists
Working on a patient very early in the morning
Eating lunch
Trying to find a vein

Question: 2/10If a nurse refers to a doctor as "Dr. Hopiate", what is she implying?

greys anatomy, hostpital scenes, movies/tv
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
That he or she is too grumpy
That he or she received their degree from Johns Hopkins
That he or she prescribes a lot of opiates in the ER

Question: 3/10What is the "shotgun approach" when working with a patient?

greys anatomy, meredith grey, celebs, movies/tv
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Ordering a bunch of different tests because the diagnosis is unknown
Trying to be as quiet as possible during surgery
Operating without a doctor

Question: 4/10If you give someone a "lantern test", what do you do?

nurse, jackie, movies/tv
Shine a light in their mouth
Emergency procedure for hospitals if/when the power goes out
See which doctors are not busy

Question: 5/10If you mention the "squash" what body part are you referencing?

nurse, scrubs
The brain
The buttocks
The dominant hand

Question: 6/10"Chart dehiscence" happens when ______.

nurse, ER, movies/tv
the chart and all of the contents fall out
there are no surgeries scheduled for a day
the nurses black poker with patient's charts

Question: 7/10If another nurse references the "stream team", what are they talking about?

The bathrooms
A group of patients that are elderly and hang out together
A team of urologists

Question: 8/10If you say someone needs some "Vitamin X", what do you mean?

nurse, jackie, movies/tv
They don't eat enough red meat
They need to get out in the sun
They should get some Xanax

Question: 9/10If you mention that your patient is a "PITA", what do you mean?

nurse, crubs, movies/tv
That they are friendly and kind
That they are a pain in the ass
That they do not eat gluten

Question: 10/10What does it mean if the patient is "fighting Darwin"?

nurses, movies/tv
They are refusing any basic care or essential treatment
The patient is lost
The patient is yelling at their nurse
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