Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Test If You're A Real Med Student

Aka if you're currently running on 2 hours of sleep and lots of caffeine

 Jan 06, 2018
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Question: 1/10Pick the correct answer!

What happens to the pH when you dilute an acidic solution?
it lowers
it stays the same
it raises

Question: 2/10Pick the correct answer!

The human body is ________ percent water.

Question: 3/10Pick the correct answer!

Your bones connect at a _________.

Question: 4/10Pick the correct answer!

Who proposed the Theory of Natural Selection?
Albert Einstein
Ivan Pavlov
Charles Darwin

Question: 5/10Pick the correct answer!

The tibia is a(n) ________ bone.

Question: 6/10Pick the correct answer!

What is your nose made up of?

Question: 7/10Pick the correct answer!

How fast is a sneeze?
60 miles per hour
100 miles per hour
12 miles per hour

Question: 8/10Pick the correct answer!

What do kidneys do?
aid in removing waste products
provide your body with oxygen
store urine

Question: 9/10Pick the correct answer!

The largest organ in our body is the ___________.

Question: 10/10Pick the correct answer!

How many taste buds are on our tongue?
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