Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These Sterling Archer Quotes?

"So we're just done with phrasing now?"

 Mar 31, 2016
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Question: 1/9Pick one:

archer, ants, donuts
Do you want ________? Because that's how you get _______.
crumbs, crumbs
ants, ants
donuts, diabetes

Question: 2/9Pick one:

veal cutlet, lana, archer
My vulva is as smooth as _____________.
a veal cutlet
a baby's bottom

Question: 3/9Choose One

lana, archer
Which character is this?

Question: 4/9Who said "If you say milf one more time I will shoot you in your eyeballs"?


Question: 5/9Pick one:

archer, danger zone
Danger ________
is my middle name.

Question: 6/9Pick one:

archer, malory
If I wanted to sit around all day going nowhere I'd be a ________.
call girl
security guard

Question: 7/9Pick one:

archer, karate, elevator, cyril
_________? The _______ of martial arts?
Krav Maga, Cadillac
Jujitsu, Kevin Hart
Karate, Dane Cook

Question: 8/9Pick one:

archer, turtleneck
I didn't invent the _____, but I was the first to recognize its potential as a tactical garment.
cargo pants
night vision goggles

Question: 9/9Pick one:

archer, hot one
Well yeah. Obviously we're gonna wait for her. She's ________.
got the key
the drunk one
the hot one.
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