Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions All Tennessee Locals Should Know?

So you think you're from Tennessee?

 Dec 08, 2017
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What sport do the Grizzlies play?

Question: 2/13Pick your answer!

Which city is known as the Buckle on the Bible Belt?

Question: 3/13Pick your answer!

What is a toboggan in Tennessee?
A drink
A sled
A beanie

Question: 4/13Pick your answer!

Moonshine alcohol was originally illegal. True or false?

Question: 5/13Pick your answer!

What is a "crick"?
A creek
A hat
An insect

Question: 6/13Pick your answer!

Which famous European structure is replicated in Nashville?
The Colosseum
The Parthenon
The Eiffel Tower

Question: 7/13Pick your answer!

Hot chicken is just a hotter temperature than other chicken. True or false?

Question: 8/13Pick your answer!

What sport do the predators play?

Question: 9/13Pick your answer!

When using the word "Jack" what are Tennessee locals referring to
Their father
Their brother

Question: 10/13Pick your answer!

Is Moon Pie sweet or savory.

Question: 11/13Pick your answer!

What does R.C. stand for?
Royal Croquet
Royal Crown Cola
Rich and Co.

Question: 12/13Pick your answer!

Are Krystals bigger or smaller than other burgers?

Question: 13/13Pick your answer!

"Tennis shoes" is used to describe only shoes made for tennis. True or false?
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