Quiz: Only a True Irish Catholic Can Define These 18 Words. Can You?

Can you make your priest proud?

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 Mar 15, 2020
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Question: 1/18What do these words mean?

Holy Week
The week preceding Easter
The week following Easter
The week preceding Christmas

Question: 2/18What does this word mean?

The place where a community of nuns live
The place where a community of priests live
A law of the Bible

Question: 3/18What does this word mean?

The liturgical season which takes place after Christmas
The liturgical season which takes place before Easter
The liturgical season which takes place before Christmas

Question: 4/18What does this word mean?

The last book of the Bible
The first book of the Bible
A scripture that accompanies the Bible

Question: 5/18What does this word mean?

A ritual that takes place before a funeral
A process to make somebody beautiful
The first step of becoming a Saint

Question: 6/18What does this word mean?

One of the garments the priest wears
A special light used in church
The stand from which the Scripture is read in church

Question: 7/18What does this word mean?

A prayer
A series of prayers
The body of Christ

Question: 8/18What does this word mean?

The liturgical season which takes place after Easter
The liturgical season which takes place before Christmas
The liturgical season which takes place before Easter

Question: 9/18What does this word mean?

The third day of the week, dedicated to fun
The sixth day of the week, dedicated to work
The seventh day of the week, dedicated to rest

Question: 10/18What does this word mean?

The act of collecting money from church goers
The act of giving money or goods to the poor
Community service to make up for sins

Question: 11/18What does this word mean?

The priest's private chambers in a church
The college where men are trained for priesthood
The Pope's private church in the Vatican

Question: 12/18What does this word mean?

The wine consumed during mass
A symbol made with the hands before prayer
The cross where Jesus was crucified

Question: 13/18What does this word mean?

The walking up the aisle during a wedding
The taking of Jesus up to Heaven
The priest's journey to the altar before mass

Question: 14/18What does this word mean?


Question: 15/18What does this word mean?

A type of insect
A town in the plain of Judah
A cow

Question: 16/18What does this word mean?

End of the world
Song of Solomon
Beginning of knowledge

Question: 17/18What does this word mean?

A type of lettuce
Scripture verses that don't exist
Book of the Levites

Question: 18/18What does this word mean?

Sacred writings
A book of nothing
Boring text
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