Quiz: Do You Know Enough First Aid To Get An EMT Certificate?

How well do you know your first aid?

 Aug 10, 2017
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What does the "R" in RICE Treatment stand for?

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How do you stop a cut from bleeding?
Rinse the cut under running water
Blow air onto the wound
Apply pressure to the wound

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What does the "E" in RICE treatment stand for?

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How do you check if an airway is clear?
Tilt the head and lift the chin
See if the person is breathing through their nose
Massage your fingers onto their neck for signs of obstruction

Question: 5/15Pick an answer!

What do you do if you suspect that your friend is having a heart attack?
Get them to lay down
Get them to walk around
Sit them in a comfortable position

Question: 6/15Pick an answer!

Lips turning blue, inability to talk, and difficulty breathing are all indicative of what?
A seizure
A heart attack

Question: 7/15Pick an answer!

Someone with a severe allergy should always carry ______.
Adrenaline (epipen)

Question: 8/15Pick an answer!

True or False: The proper treatment for a burn includes putting an ointment over the infected area to prevent infections.

Question: 9/15Pick an answer!

What does the "I" in RICE treatment stand for?

Question: 10/15Pick an answer!

How can you help someone who is having a seizure?
Restrain them
Keep them away from possible injury
Put something in their mouth

Question: 11/15Pick an answer!

What is the correct ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths in CPR?
10 chest compressions to 4 rescue breaths
2 chest compressions to 30 rescue breaths
30 chest compressions to 2 rescue breaths

Question: 12/15Pick an answer!

Which test should you perform if you suspect someone is having a stroke?
ABC (airway, breathing, circulation)
FAST (face, arms, speech, time)
SCALD (size, cause, age, location, depth)

Question: 13/15Pick an answer!

What is the first step when treating an electrical burn?
loosely wrap the burn with a clean cloth
checking for danger
immerse the burn in cold water

Question: 14/15Pick an answer!

What is an open fracture?
a fracture in which the bone breaks into smaller pieces
a fracture in which the bone remains in the body
a fracture in which the bone is exposed

Question: 15/15Pick an answer!

Which of the following is NOT a sign of shock?
rapid, shallow breathing
cold, clammy skin
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